For a Moment

Let us stop for a minute and drink wine
Or champagne,
If you have the time

Outside the window the world grows colder
A little more black, a little bit older
And soon darkness will greet us
Attempt to defeat us
With rivers of sorrow to cross

But just for this moment we’ll
That life has no end
That all tomorrows are rosy hued
And every hope we hold comes true

Sit with me and we’ll quaff and chat
And dream of things bigger than that
And forget the crevices and cracks
Wrought  by life’s dynamic counter tacks
Where people we love lie dying


Copyright, Sharlene Zeederberg, 20 Oct 2013

Published by

Sharlene Zeederberg

Passionately opinionated about pretty much everything. I am fascinated by the power of creativity, challenging assumptions, exploring and learning, self-actualisation, family and travel.

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